Terms and Conditions

Note:  If you have questions, or are interested in booking an event and would like to have a formal meeting, please contact our Event Director at 618-995-9463 ext. 29 or email events@blueskyvineyard.com.

BARTENDERS AND BUSSERS are $15.00 per hour each, for the length of your event. (The Event Coordinator will decide how many bartenders/bussers are needed for each event.)  Only Blue Sky Vineyard bartenders may be used.

Events that start at 4pm or later will have up to midnight for their event. *Events starting before 4pm will have up to 8 hours after start time, for their event. *8 hours only applies to combination ceremonies with receptions. Ceremony only events and other events have shortened allotted times.

A NON-REFUNDABLE $500.00 down payment is required to book a pavilion event. A second, NON-REFUNDABLE down payment of $500.00 is due 4 months prior to date of event.  No dates can be held/reserved without the required/initial down payment and a signed contract.  Signing of a contract must be done in person, during a formal meeting with the Event Coordinator or Assistant Event Coordinator. (Both the initial and second $500.00 down payments will be applied towards the total building rental cost.)

Discounts of up to 15%, will be applied to prepurchased cases of wine. 10% discount on 1-2 cases. 15% discount on 3 or more cases.(Prepurchased wines must be ordered and paid for at least 7 days prior to event.) Champagne must be ordered and paid for 2 weeks prior to event. No discount given on Champagne. No Discount given on beer. Beer is sold by the bottle. No Kegs are permitted or offered.

ONLY BLUE SKY VINEYARD APPROVED CATERERS MAY BE USED.  NO ‘opt out’ option for this service.  Non-approved vendors may be used for other services.  LIVE BANDS may be used but are subject to approval of the event coordinator.  Bakers must provide a copy of an up-to-date, valid food handlers license and are subject to approval by our Event Coordinator.

We must be able to I.D. patrons and control consumption.  Bartenders reserve the right to cut off or refuse to serve anyone. Persons of a ‘questionable age’, who are not able to produce a valid ID for proof of age will not be served. Under-age guests and/or guests who cannot produce a valid ID, who are drinking alcohol, or attempting to use a fake ID, will be asked to leave the premises.

ALL ALCOHOL, including any Champagne, must be purchased through Blue Sky Vineyard. No discount will be given on beer or liquor. Prices for wine, soda, sangria, bottled beer or mixed drinks are subject to change.

No alcohol may be brought onto Blue Sky Vineyard’s property.  Any alcohol brought to Blue Sky Vineyard will be confiscated until the conclusion of the event. Persons caught bringing/drinking alcohol that was not purchased at/or by Blue Sky Vineyard will be asked to leave the property.

DECORATING of the pavilion and/or gazebo will start no sooner than 9 am the day of your event, unless a preferred decorator is decorating for the event.

DECORATIONS including but not limited to; table decorations, floral decorations or gazebo decorations, cannot be assembled/made on site.  Only preferred decorators/florists are allowed to assemble or make floral decorations or table decorations on site.  The use of confetti, rice and birdseed is prohibited.  Real flower petals are allowed for use outside while imitation/fake flower petals are allowed for use inside of the event pavilion.

REHEARSALS must be scheduled with the coordinator for the day before your event.

*All prices/terms and conditions are subject to change prior to the confirmation of a date with a down payment and signed contract.