Special GPS Instructions

If you use a GPS System to find your way to our winery, you may need to type in an address of 3150 S. Rocky Comfort Rd., Anna, IL 62906, even though our true address is Makanda, IL.  For unknown reasons the Anna address will lead you directly to Blue Sky Vineyard while our Makanda address takes you only partially to our facility.  We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

See you at the vineyard!

iPhone Maps

Please do NOT use iPhone maps for directions to our winery.  The information they provide is INCORRECT and will send you to a location approximately 1 hour from our proper location.  Our winery is located in Makanda, IL and is approximately 1 mile from Feather Hills Vineyard & Winery:  410 Thorn Lane, Makanda, IL 62958.

Directions from Intersection of Hwy 13 & Giant City Road

Turn south on Giant City Road – Travel 6.7 miles to Grassy Road

Make a left on Grassy Road.

Proceed east 3 miles to Rocky Comfort Road

Make a right on Rocky Comfort Road

Proceed 1.9 miles to a Y intersection.  Keep right.

Proceed 2.8 miles to the vineyard on the left.

Directions from Interstate 57

Take Exit 36 (Lick Creek Road)

Proceed west .6 mile on Lick Creek Road

Turn right on Hall Church Road

Proceed .4 mile to stop sign.

Go straight 1.3 miles on Hall Church Road

Turn right on Rocky Comfort Road

Proceed 3.2 miles to the vineyard on the right