Wine & Food

Wine & Cheese Pairing Basics

It's fun to discover your own wine and cheese pairings but some natural combinations make reliable palate pleasers.

Interactions Between Wine & Food Acidity

Sour tastes in food can create potential problems when combined with wine. Follow these simple rules to avoid a sour experience.

Rules of Thumb

Food and wine pairing is a highly subjective and inexact process. The old rules - red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and poultry - don't take into consideration the complexity of today's multi-ethnic and subtly flavored foods and the corresponding wide range of wine from around the world that are now conveniently available to almost everyone.

Today you are more likely to hear food and wine pairing suggestions rather than hard and fast rules. There's considerable room for experimentation and expression of your own personality in pairing food and wine.

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